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Natural Park

A natural coastal enclave covering one of the most varied, valuable and best-preserved areas of the whole of the Cantabrian coast.

Oyambre Natural Park covers 57 square kilometres and is located in western Cantabria, between Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera. The protected area includes the estuaries of the Ría de San Vicente, the Ría de la Rabia and a landscape full of cliffs, beaches, dunes, rivers and beautiful sandy marshes.

Within the park you will find Monte Corona, a piece of extensive woodland right next to the coast, as well as Oyambre beach and dunes and Meron beach, both long and wild stretches of sand.

This is a rich territory for birdwatchers, with the main ornithological areas found primarily in the estuaries and salt marshes.

El Monte Corona

Unique woodland full of autochthonous trees and shrubs, situated in a landscape of lush beauty.

This is an area of major ecological importance.

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